Working with Australia's top telco providers.

Our ambition drives us to continuously challenge and improve standards in the telecom industry.


At Talemm, we’re all about quality design and results made possible through our innovative training model.

How we work

Unique approach

We approach design in a unique way through our innovative engagement, communication, and training model. Our design workflows are segmented so as to enable self-reliant teams and quality outcomes.

Training emerging tech talent

We believe that our industry has been stagnant for too long, and we want to reinvigorate it. We found that we can foster innovation by training emerging talent, often from outside of the telco sector.

Driven to excel

We believe that to be the best and to excel can only be done through innovation and passion. Embracing that mindset enables us to help businesses to improve and perform at their upper limit and reach higher standards.

Leading by example

Through our industry experience and continuous drive to improve, we are frequently mentioned as a leader in design quality and efficiency. And we know that this standard can only be maintained by consistently challenging the status quo.

Careers at Talemm

We are always looking for those who can think outside of the box. If you’re a natural go-getter and have an always-learning mentality, we invite you to grow together with our innovative team.

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Values that form the Talemm culture

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Values that form the Talemm culture

Continuous improvement

We believe that through innovation we can help businesses to improve and perform at their upper limit and to higher standards.

Bias towards results

The quality, results, and growth, we bring are possible because we are accountable for our actions, and are proactive in our approach.

Passion comes first

The industry has a problem with follow-through – we seek to change that. We are driven by our passion for this industry, and follow through with enthusiasm.

Focus with confidence

We know that only by delivering consistently we can inspire confidence and trust, and we strive to achieve that with every interaction.

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